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I've had a great experience working with Marc for my chronic low back pain! He helped me go from frequent pain during daily activities to only occasional pain during extreme sports. He takes a lot of time to work with each individual patient and cares deeply about your personal outcome. He helped me understand my body so much better and was wonderful at explaining everything. 

-LW, Avid Rock Climber 

I've been working with Marc for almost half a year. During this time, he has helped me overcome three chronic injuries that two other specialists told me were impossible to heal or even improve. I am able to go to practice pain free and feel stronger than I ever have. He takes the extra time to explain what's going on and to answer any questions you might have. I will definitely go back to Marc for any additional physical therapy or performance needs 

-AS, Competitive Jiu Jitsu Athlete 

Marc recently helped me with some pain I had in my hip. I had this pain and tightness for a while so I wasn’t sure if it would ever go away. Marc was able to fix me right up after only a few sessions. He gave me 100% of his time and attention during each visit, something I have never experienced with a PT before. He was able to help me with my mobility by giving me exercises to do that help warm me up before my workout. He also helped me assess what I’m doing outside of the gym that could be root cause of the pain. With the right movement and minor lifestyle changes, I can exercise again without feeling any pain, tightness, or discomfort. Marc really knows what he is doing, and I would highly recommend him. 

-JM, Avid Weightlifter  

I started working with Marc 5 months ago to rehab extensive right ankle injuries (partially torn ligament, tendonitis in 2 different places, and a stress fracture). I am a competitive tennis player and needed a way to not just to get back to 100%, but better than my 100% before I got injured. Physical therapy had been unsuccessful after 4 months (especially because PT clinics can have limitations for space, time, equipment, and sometimes professional experience), but once I went to Marc in February he turned it around. 2 months later the ankle was mostly healed up and from there I started working with him as a strength and conditioning coach. Since then not only has my ankle gotten sturdier, but I have become an infinitely better athlete and have gotten much stronger and more athletic. This was achieved through his expertise and commitment to me and my goals. In the Washington D.C. area, I can confidently say that his knowledge and prowess is unparalleled. And not only is he the cream of the crop, but you will not find anyone more dedicated to you than Marc. Whether for Physical Therapy, getting in better shape, becoming a better athlete, or training for a sport, Marc is the man to go to.  

-NW, Competitive Tennis Player 

Marc is an outstanding professional, he has the skills, the knowledge and an impeccable etiquette. I am a very active middle-aged woman, and I used to ask too much of my body until it caved in and began to feel constant lower back pain, hip pain and sporadic shoulder pain. With Marc’s help and specific exercises, he has educated me to be active, aware and proactive to avoid further pain. I have tried needling and am amazed by the results. Working out with Marc has been the best investment I”ve done for myself. I have a 14 yr old son, very athletic, who is also working with Marc, to further strengthen his core and most importantly, to learn how to listen and treat his body. If he is going to be an athlete in the future, he needs to start taking care of his body, now. I sincerely and enthusiastically recommend Marc!  

-BD, Active Mother of Three


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