You Can Get Your Active Lifestyle Back 

Physical Therapy For Active People Frustrated With Traditional Healthcare Services 

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  • Tired of seeing multiple practitioners 
  • Frustrated that no one seems to know how to help you stay active  
  • Trying to avoid unneccessary procedures and prescriptions 
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You Need An Expert Who Has Helped Others Like You  

  • Save Time- You'll see us less often than most providers. Less time with us = More time with friends, family, & teammates. 
  • Get Active- We can help, or, we'll help you find someone who can
  • Get Answers- Find out why you're having trouble staying active
  • Know Your Cost- You deserve to know the exact cost of the value that you'll receive. No tricks, no surprises. 
  • Get Results- Your individualized program is catered to your goals.  
Meet Our Team

Healthcare is supposed to help, not make things worse. 

It's not "in your head"

We've helped others, and we want to help you. 

  • >30% of our revenue is invested in research and development (and growing): when we get better, you get better 
  • Most of our clients did not experience positive results from other providers until coming to our practice 
  • >90% of our clients are repeat or referral: we earn your trust and get results
  • The ONLY McGill Method Certified Practitioner in DC/MD/VA: we help clients with back pain avoid surgery  


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy shouldn't just be about ice/heat packs and a random sheet of exercises. If you want to get back to being active, you need an individualized approach with an expert. We can help you with that.

McGill Method 

80% of individuals in the United States will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Despite this statistic, the numbers are only going up and so is the number of unneccessary surgeries. If you have been experiencing low back pain and you have been told to stop being active, or worse, take pills and get surgery, let us guide you to getting your life back. Read more about the McGill Method 

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You Can Get Your Active Lifestyle Back!

Step 1: Request An Appointment

We value your time. Before we can work together, we want to make sure that we are a good fit for one another. 

Step 2: Schedule An Evaluation 

To get back to being active, we need to find the CAUSE of your injury. Our thorough evaluaton will help us do that for you. 

Step 3: Get Active

Once we know the cause of your injury, we will construct a plan that is catered your goals. It's time to get your life back! 

There Is A Better Way

Whether you're an athlete or a weekend warrior, being active is a part of your identity. This makes things harder when you are struggling to be active and cannot find a practitioner who understands you. Ten minutes is not enough time to truly know what caused your injury. It is barely enough time to make two cups of cappucino. To get your life back, you need an expert who has worked with others just like you and has helped them reach their goals.

Hear From Others That We've Helped

"I struggled with a disc injury for over 6 months and after seeing multiple PTs, I almost lost hope of being able to squat and deadlift again. It wasn't until my friend recommended I see Marc until that changed. He is without a doubt the BEST PT I have ever worked with. He gave me a thorough, INDIVIDUAL assessment of my condition and designed a clear path to recovery. He used innovative exercises and techniques that were specific to my needs, and he continues to refine his craft studying under some of the leading researchers in the field of back mechanics. My only regret is not going to see him sooner. I highly recommend Marc and will continue to refer my friends and family to him to rehab back injuries and back pain."

"Marc recently helped me with some pain I had in my hip. I had this pain and tightness for a while so I wasn’t sure if it would ever go away. Marc was able to fix me right up after only a few sessions. He gave me 100% of his time and attention during each visit, something I have never experienced with a PT before. He was able to help me with my mobility by giving me exercises to do that help warm me up before my workout. He also helped me assess what I’m doing outside of the gym that could be root cause of the pain. With the right movement and minor lifestyle changes, I can exercise again without feeling any pain, tightness, or discomfort. Marc really knows what he is doing, and I would highly recommend him."

"I've been working with Marc for almost half a year. During this time, he has helped me overcome three chronic injuries that two other specialists told me were impossible to heal or even improve. I am able to go to practice pain free and feel stronger than I ever have. He takes the extra time to explain what's going on and to answer any questions you might have. I will definitely go back to Marc for any additional physical therapy or performance needs."